Our services


Communication is a multiform field. Each company should have a team who guides and develops the communication half: it’s our task.

In order to get on in the work process, from the small project to the big companies needs, we always use to keep a dialogue with the final client. To do so we use a 360° communicative strategy, built suitably for each client we work with. We do this.

What is our target?

Our solutions are studied case by case basis: each of them depends on the clients’ needs. Marketing strategies are perfectly fitted on the target and on the requirements of the work. We do our best both with the big brand who wants to improve the communication’s potential and the small company which would like to start a new communication system.

What do we do?

Together with the client we study a targeted strategy, that will develop into a double way: on one hand we consider what we have to realize and one the other hand, basing on advanced market analysis, we concretely explore the target itself.
After realizing an initial preliminary investigation, we will promote a project ad hoc: spacing from web to offline communication, from brand care to graphic design. Thanks to our professional team, you can gift a new take off to the communication of your company!
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Why choosing us?

Verdi22 is specialized in help the companies in the chaos of communication and graphic world, to make them competitive nationally and internationally using the right approach.
Verdi22 is a reality composed by a dynamic and slim net of collaborators. The deep experience in this field let us to guarantee the best, rapid and high-quality service.  Moreover, Verdi22’s services offer as well as graphics and copywriting, also branding design, web design, photography, video making and multimedia. Generally we offer all the services which compose a project of integrated communication. Our creativity becomes the way to synthesize originally and functionally the identity of the client.

Graphic design

  • Powerpoint, PDF and multimedia presentations
  • Advertising campaign
  • Branding e company identity
  • Company’s style customization: logo and typography
  • Newspaper organization structure

Web design

  • Web sites
  • Social network management and communication
  • Web advertising
  • Company’s database complementation

Web marketing

  • Newsletter
  • Animated banner
  • Search engine positioning
  • Access statistics analysis

Advice and training

  • Business training (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,  Adobe Animate, WordPress, Powerpoint)
  • Advice for integrated advertising campaign